Furunäs Pim Spar 38-03-0358

Täby January 2004 (6 months old)

Born 2003, black

Pim is a black colt born on June 20, 2003.

Pim is by Timothy v. St. Geerhof RS 200, Elite rewarded, and out of Furunäs Lisette RS 5151, gold rewarded with 41 p.

Pim was sold to Nordhagen Stud in Norway in January 2004.



Timothy v. St. Geerhof RS 200 Furunäs Lisette Spar 38-99-1759
Newton v. Dorpzicht NL-S.745 Rosie of Transy NL-S.22164 Flagg RS 85 Furunäs Ginette RS 3607
Rosson of Transy NL-S.596 Fluke of Marshwood NL-S.18669 Rosetaupe of Transy SPSB 2017 Rosada of Transy NL-S.23622 Trim of Marshwood RS 26 Rosita RS 102 Furunäs Fernando RS 258 Furunäs Roxette RS 2004


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Date Location Judge Points Pos.


Täby summer 2003 (newly born)

Täby summer 2003 (newly born)