Furunäs Salinero Spar 38-06-0094

Täby in November  2006 (5 months old)

Born 2006, black

Salinero is a black colt born on June 16, 2006.

Salinero is by Furunäs Bonzo RS 269, gold rewarded with 42 p, and out of our diploma mare Furunäs Fergie RS 3582, A-licensed with several gold awards and 42 p as the highest.

Salinero was sold to Nina Ljung Bjuggfält in Rimbo in April 2007.



Furunäs Bonzo RS 269 Furnäs Fergie RS 3582
Onyx v.St. Geerhof RS 204 Furunäs Petronella RS 654 Furunäs Fernando RS 258 Furunäs Bonnie RS 2331
Scurry of Marshwood NL-S.534 Gieneke v.St. Geerhof NL-S.17449 Rosolio of Transy RS 63 Pippilotta RS 153 Rosafir of Transy RS 66 Furunäs Petronella RS 654 Onyx v. St. Geerhof RS 204 Furunäs Pensé Spar 38-85-7485


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Täby in June 2006 (10 days old)

Täby in June 2006 (newborn)