In Memoriam


Furunäs Fergie RS 3582

Rockelstad in July 2008 (15 years old) Photo: Cim Zetterblom

Born 1993, black, 96 cm, Diploma, Elite licensed

Dead on August 28, 2009 (16 years old)

Fergie received a diploma at the age of three and  she has won several gold medals with 42 p as the highest. In 2005 Fergie got A-licensed due to her good breeding qualities.

 Fergie is by Furunäs Fernando RS 258, a double Best in Show winner with 44 p and also the winner of the Major Stallion League for 2002 & 2004, and out of SUCH Furunäs Bonnie RS 2331, elite- and gold winner.

Fergie is the mother of Furunäs Jersey Joe, who was part of Team Skäpperöd, twice Swedish Champions in four-in-hand-driving for ponies. You can read more about them under Horse & Carriage.

Fergie is the mother of two licensed stallions: Furunäs Nelson RS 444 owned by Skattens Stuteri and Furunäs Rebell owned by Carthorse Stuteri.

In the summer of 2008 Fergie was covered by the Elite stallion Wessel vd Amstelhof RS 235 but did not get pregnant. Later investigations have shown that Wessel is unfortunately no longer fertile.

In the summer of 2009 Fergie was hit by EPSM (Equine polysaccharide storage myopathy) which we finally managed to treat through a long period of medication. When she was without symptoms she could join her flock and enjoy the summer field for several weeks. At the end of August, however, she became completely lame in her left front hoof. She probably had been hit by a dorsal displacement of the soft palate due to overstrain during the EPSM treatment. We tried to stop the pain in order to have her hoof x-rayed but not even double doses helped ... On Friday August 28 we had to make the painful decision of finally relieving her from her pain.

We will always remember Fergie as a beautiful and feminine little mare. Her amazing main and tail gave her a fairy tale look. Her qualities as a breeding mare are well documented through her two licensed sons, among other off springs. We are tremendously grateful that she gave us her beautiful daughter Umbria so that Fergies blood lines will continue on the stud.

Fergie's excellent breeding has qualified her for an Elite award in 2009.

In September 2009 Fergie became Elite licensed due to her outstanding breeding.



Furunäs Fernando RS 258 Furunäs Bonnie RS 2331
Rosafir of Transy RS 66 Furunäs Petronella RS 654 Onyx v.St. Geerhof RS 204 Furunäs Pensé Spar 38-85-7485
Rosethorn of Transy SPSB 1750 Rosemary of Transy SPSB 5504 Rosolio of Transy RS 63 Pippilotta RS 153 Scurry of Marshwood NL-S.534 Gieneke v.St. Geerhof NL-S.17449 Lockinge Mason RS 83 Furunäs Pamela RS 343



Born Gender Name Colour Sire
1997 Colt Furunäs Jersey Joe Black Skäpperöds Jason RS 285
1998 Colt Furunäs Korgy Black Roy v. Bunswaard RS 184
1999 Filly Furunäs Lassie Black Flagg RS 85
2000 Colt Furunäs Marengo Black Furunäs Sahib RS 243
2001 Colt Furunäs Nelson Black Hormesta Erik Viking RS 325
2002 - Not covered in 2001 - -
2003 Colt Furunäs Pablo Black Timothy v. St. Geerhof RS 200
2004 - Not pregnant - Bonance v. Dorpzicht RS 255
2005 Colt Furunäs Rebell Black Furunäs Bonzo RS 269
2006 Colt Furunäs Salinero Black Furunäs Bonzo RS 269
2007 Colt Furunäs Timmy Black Furunäs Bonzo RS 269
2008 Filly Furunäs Umbria Black Furunäs Bonzo RS 269
2009 - Not pregnant - Wessel vd Amstelhof RS 235


Show results

Date Location Judge Points Pos.
1995-08-20 Norra Åsum Annika Strindgård 9 8 8 7 8 = 40 p 3
1996-07-14 Växjö Börje Brostorp 8 8 8 8 8 = 40 p 2/6 & Diploma
1997-07-26 Hässleholm Inge Wilhelmsson 40 p AB-licensed
2005-07-16 Rockelstad Morgan Johnsson 9 9 8 8 8 = 42 p 3/9
2005-08-28 Visbohammar Madeleine Beckman 9 9 8 7 7 = 40 p A-licensed
2008-07-19 Rockelstad Ronny Johnsson 9 8 8 8 8 = 41 p 1/3 Best Veteran
2009-09-20 Enköping Madeleine Beckman --- Elite-licensed


Täby in June 2008 (15 years old)

Täby in May 2008 (15 years old) Photo: Freja Avebäck

Täby summer 2005 (12 years old) Photo: Cim Zetterblom

Täby summer 2005 (12 years old)

Täby summer 2005 (12 years old)

Täby summer 2005 (12 years old)

Täby spring 2004 (11 years old)

Täby summer 2003 (10 years old)