Furunäs Samuraj Spar 38-06-0092

Täby in August 2006 (foal)

Born 2006, brown

Samuraj is a brown colt born on June 1, 2006.

Samuraj is by Furunäs Fernando RS 258, a double Best in Show winner with 44 p as well as the winner of the Major Stallion League in both 2002 & 2004, and out of our diploma mare Furunäs Nicolita RS 5152.

Samuraj was sold to Nina Ljung Bjuggfält in Rimbo in April 2007.



Furunäs Fernando RS 258 Furunäs Nicolita RS 5152
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Täby in June 2006 (foal)

Täby in June 2006 (10 days old)

Täby in June 2006 (newborn)