In Memoriam


Furunäs Tindra RS 6374

Närtuna during the summer 2021 (14 years old)

Born 2007, brown, star, 98 cm (38,6 inches) / 15 cm

Dead on May 16, 2022 (15 years old)

Diploma, GI licensed

SDPC = Sire and Dam Parentage Checked via DNA

Skeletal Atavism - Clear (= No carrier, Not affected)

Tindra is a brown mare born on June 7, 2007.

Tindra is by Furunäs Bonzo RS 269, Super-SUCH, Champion Stallion and BIS winner with 43 p, and out of our elite mare Furunäs Nicolita RS 5152, licensed at 41 p.

Tindra was shown as a 3 year old and got 40 p with 9 points for the quality of her legs! She was then shown at the licensing show and got 40 p and a Diploma!

Tindra is very calm and cool and few things can get her off balance. She is curious and likes to be part of any activity being offered. She is the scout of the flock which she performs with pride.

In 2021 Tindra was covered by Wilfred v.d. Zandhoeve RS 555 and is expected to foal in mid May 2022. On Friday May 13 the foaling started. Unfortunately, due to complications, about 30-40 cm of Tindra's colon came out. We managed to get the foal out but it was unfortunately very weak and died after a couplf of minutes. We took Tindra to the Mälar cliniq where they did everything they could in order to help Tindra and release her pain but unfortunately she did not improve so we had to take the very hard decision of putting her to sleep on May 16, 2022.

Rest in peace, dearest Tindra.



Furunäs Bonzo RS 269 Furunäs Nicolita RS 5152
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Born Gender Name Colour Sire
2021  - Not pregnant -  Nightingales Kingsman RS 763
2022  Colt Died right after birth Black Wilfred v.d. Zandhoeve RS 555


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Date Location Judge Points Pos.
2008-04-26 Rockelstad Alf Johansson 8 7 7 8 8 = 38 p 2/4
2010-07-04 Skogslotten Annika Strindgård 8 7 9 8 8 = 40 p 5/5
2010-09-05 Ösmo Elisabeth Ljungstorp 8 8 8 8 8 = 40 p Diploma GI licensed


Boda in August 2020 (13 years old)

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Boda in July 2019 (12 years old)

Boda in August 2018 (11 years old)

Ösmo in September 2010 (3 years old)


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Täby in October 2009 (2 years old)

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Täby in November 2007 (foal)

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Täby in June 2007 (newly born)

Täby in June 2007 (newly born)

Täby in June 2007 (newly born)

Täby in June 2007 (newly born)

Täby in June 2007 (newly born)