Furunäs Utopia Spar 38-08-0097

Täby in April 2009 (1 year old) Photo: Freja Avebäck

Born 2008, black

Utopia is a black filly born on June 5, 2008.

Utopia is by Wessel vd Amstelhof RS 235, Elite awarded due to his excellent breeding, and out of our diploma mare Furunäs Nicolita RS 5152, licensed at 41 p.

Utopia was sold to Ellinor Persson in Bottnaryd in April 2009 and will flock mate with Timotej who Ellinor bought from us in 2008.



Wessel vd Amstelhof RS 235 Furunäs Nicolita RS 5152
Rosson of Transy S 596 Paula of Marshwood S 74811 Hormesta Erik Viking RS 325 Furunäs Perlita RS 1435
Pericles of Netherley SPSB 1987 Rosaria of Transy SPSB 5852 Gletness Fireplace SPSB 2327 Pauline of Marshwood S 95656 Timothy v. St. Geerhof RS 200 Asynja RS 2724 Galax RS 138 Furunäs Penny RS 653


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Täby in June 2008 (foal)

Täby in June 2008 (foal)

Täby in June 2008 (newly born) Photo: René Timmermans

Täby in June 2008 (newly born)

Täby in June 2008 (newly born)